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What we do

We create impactful communication. Whether that be in the way you talk with your staff or how you engage with your customers, we make sure it does what you want it to do. This can be online, on paper or on a stage. We also help you measure how effective your existing communication is. Get in touch if you'd like us to create an impact with your communication challenge.

Every solution we create is from scratch. Nothing off-the-shelf or second-hand. Simply fresh every time.

Our unique Gap© tool is just one example where an intelligent solution delivers genuine insight to you.

When we write, our aim is simple. To create an emotional response in whoever hears your message.

We measure what we do. Just so you know it’s having the desired effect. A simple way to show our impact.

We believe in promises, in a world where a handshake or a person’s word is enough - and in doing what we say we’ll do.

Creating solutions

We create solutions that help you communicate with impact. Look at our recent case studies for examples where our creative thinking helps our clients to deliver positive communication - be that with customers or staff.

Research excellence

We deliver intelligent insight as to the effectiveness of your communication. Like our Gap© tool which cleverly measures how well your staff understand your key messages. Research to back up our creative solutions.

Education brilliance

We help individuals to communicate engagingly. Face-to-face, in groups, verbally or in writing, we support you to communicate effectively and with impact.

Latest news
  • Smile. Be Happy.

    We were musing the other day here in the office. Over a coffee. Is there any room for irreverence, quirkiness, even creativity in company communications.

  • The flying Pheasant

    We are excited to be involved with The Pheasant Inn situated in Neenton, Shropshire. At face value “it is just a pub” but close up.

  • No ‘F’ in A-board

    A-boards are dull. There, we said it. So when we were asked to create some designs for an A-board, we groaned. But not to be.

Our work

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve worked on recently. Read, enjoy and if you'd like to know more, call us.

Commercial Carpet Solutions know about quality. Anyone that fits flooring for global fashion brands, historic national buildings, West End theatres and Premier League footballers has to be at the top of their game. So it was a bit of a coup to land the job of rewriting their entire website, from the very first ‘Hello’ to every single one of their impressive case studies. Commercial Carpet Solutions are already passing our business card on to their trusted contacts – you might say they are happy to ‘pile’ even more work our way!

Ascensio are a niche development consultancy. Think Ascensio, think Bang & Olufsen, think BMW, think Mr & Mrs Smith. When it was time to align their corporate ‘look-and-feel’ to be more ‘like who we are’ and the quality of their development solutions, they trusted us to help. Often, simple works a treat. Understated and cool, a simple yet modern logo – with a defining ‘a’ as a touch point – now proudly adorns all of their collateral. When we asked “Do you like it?” they replied “We really like you ‘get’ us. MANY, MANY, THANKS!” We think that means it’s okay…

Every year, the Equity Partners at Talbots invite 140 staff to listen to their business plans for the year. Since 2012 they have trusted themybigtoecompany to help them deliver the event – engagingly, and with impact. This year it was held at Spring Grove House, West Midlands Safari Park. Our role involved full creative input, video and slideshow production as well as designing the post-event questionnaire. Afterwards, 87% of staff said they felt Positive or Very Positive about the future of the firm meaning the event achieved its aims.

K&B UK is part of the worldwide Kohler group of companies. In January each year, the Director team deliver a Roadshow, a high impact event aimed at engaging the UK team with the challenges facing the business. This year, themybigtoecompany provided full creative input, project management, script writing and slideshow production for the event held at Cheltenham Racecourse. Our Before-and-After survey showed that staff were more excited about the future of the company and had more confidence in the leadership team as a consequence.

Mackenzie Jones are Marketing recruitment specialists and are part of The Jones Group. Invited to write their website copy, it was important that themybigtoecompany captured their personality as well as reflecting their ethos and brand values. We have since been asked to create and write their e-newsletter, redesign their corporate brochure and refresh all their online collateral, making sure it is on brand and engaging. Their newsletter enjoyed a 29% ‘open rate’ whilst their social media following has increased by over 400% – and counting.

QualitySolicitors is the UK’s number one national legal service with over 400 locations nationwide. In March 2012, they aired their first TV advert, inspired by Saatchi, and they asked themybigtoecompany to support the launch. We were responsible for writing over 300 pages of website copy; creating a front-cover teaser ‘ad’ and advertorial for the Law Society Gazette magazine and various other communiques for 200 Partner firms to use with customers. Were they happy? “Feedback has been really positive. Thank you, it’s looking and reading great.”

When Kohler UK chose to migrate a well-established brand in to their own, themybigtoecompany were asked to create a positive message for them to use with their retail showroom customers. 2013 The Year of Opportunity communicated, simply and clearly, the shared goals both had, together with the marketing plans Kohler had for the year. By building the message around the ’2′, ’0′, ’1′ and ’3′, it made the message memorable. Did it work? “The presentation is working really well and the message is definitely getting through. Thanks again for all your help with this.”

TDG is one of Europe’s leading supply chain management companies. When they needed a creative solution on how to communicate effectively with their drivers, they asked themybigtoecompany to help. We created a simple booklet to fit inside the trouser pocket of each driver. Why? Because survey feedback from employees was that TDG ‘comms’ was text-book dry, uninspiring and therefore was less likely to be read. Our simple fold-out solution, inspired by The Mr Men series of children’s books, delivered the required result. Communication really is child’s play.

themybigtoecompany has written Cascade, the in-house magazine for Mira Showers, Rada Controls, Daryl and Kohler UK, since 2006. Produced three times a year, it is read by over 1,000 Associates and former employees across the UK. We are responsible for researching stories; liaising with contributors; writing copy and working alongside the in-house Design team on creative input. Highlights include interviewing Laura Kohler, Senior Vice President Human Resources and celebrating breaking news like their sponsorship of Gloucester rugby or their Red Dot success last year.

Based in California, Blurb provides a book publishing and marketing platform enabling anyone to design, publish, market, and sell professional-quality books online. When Burb saw Toe Hold, a simple idea to promote themybigtoecompany’s creative copywriting skills, they loved it. So much so, it now sits on Blurb’s business marketing page as part of their showcase, “...a brilliant way to make a lasting impression on prospects and clients.

  • Our copy underlays new website

  • Developing a cool new look

  • Soliciting engagement

  • Communication showers employees

  • Talent needed to keep up with the Jones’

  • Quality work for TV launch

  • Brand migration washes up

  • Booklet drives employee understanding

  • Magazine cascades company news

  • Making ‘blurb’ beautiful


Free stuff

What difference will our copywriting make?

People will often say to us, “What difference will your copywriting make to my this or my that?” So we explain. But sometimes it is simply better to show than to tell. That is why we offer to rewrite any page of copy – free of charge – to show you the difference we make.

If you’d like to try us out, email with the copy you want us to rewrite together with an explanation of what you want to achieve. We write it, send it back to you, and then you can see the difference for yourself. Simple.

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We travel far and wide but when the sun goes down, we’re very lucky to call Shropshire our home. It’s full of green fields, fresh air and inspiration making it the perfect bubble for creative writing, thinking of ideas or simply musing.

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