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What’s stopping you from engaging your people?

Capability? Commitment? If you’re not clear, how can you be certain
your approach will have the impact you hope for?

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First impressions last. Make yours memorable.

The first one hundred days in your new role of Director is crucial.
It shapes what the organisation thinks of you. What’s your plan?

How we can help

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Planning a major event?

What you say is the key to a truly memorable event. The ‘right’ message
will engage your people, change behaviours and leave a lasting impression.

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Masgrove’s is a strategic communications and engagement consultancy, with years of experience actually delivering what we preach.

We help business leaders understand what engagement is, why it matters and how to go about securing it. Engaged people lead to a more successful business. Umpteen independent research papers backed by endless case studies are testament to this.

We’ve crafted dozens of communication plans; managed hundreds of communication activities; designed magazines, run roadshows, coached leaders and written thousands of ‘on message’ words.

No matter what we’re doing, the goal is always the same. To engage your people using insightful and well thought out strategic communication. We believe in what we do with a passion. So much so, we gave up our day jobs to do it. We know that when leaders and organisations truly get behind
our ideas, they work.

This confidence and passion means we choose to only work with a select group of clients. Clients that have the same passion and commitment as us.

Developing an engaged workforce doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. It also takes commitment, expertise and a willingness to do things differently. And sure, you’ll face challenges along the way. But the fruits of your investment will be worthwhile and we’ll be with you every step of the journey.

Making the commitment to change the way you work is a major undertaking. But if you believe that the time is right to increase engagement we’re here to help you, your people and your business flourish.

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